6th Dec 2013

The ultimate diamond stacking ring (or wedding band) – a Rock of Eden original

What is it about stacking bands that we love so much? They’re versatile, fun to buy at different times and they’re easy to change up in an instant creating a fresh new look.

We set out to design the “ultimate diamond stacking ring” that was so pretty stacking other rings might not always be necessary.

First decision: rare, pretty stones. We chose five French cut diamonds. French cut diamonds believe it or not did not originate in France. They were quite popular in France and other countries and were most often used in art deco pieces particularly straight line bracelets and wedding bands.

In our opinion, they are some of the most beautifully cut diamonds because they have a totally different kind of brilliance than newer cuts. They are often compared to princess cut stones but are not the same at all. They are much more sparkly and glittery. Good ones are very difficult to source. We patiently persevered in the search process rejecting several lots before finding the right stones.


The next design element is the shank itself. We wanted it to have a substantial feeling, literally. We decided upon a solid rose gold inner shank (not hollow) for this reason. We wore the wax model for a week to make sure it wasn’t too thick and to make sure it had that comfortable yet you-know-it’s-there presence.

The inner shape of the shank is round and gold and the outer ring is a softened square shape made of platinum. Design wise, this creates our simple but elegant preference, and it also pays homage to the art deco form. We break away from art deco tradition by using outer lines with a slightly convex shape. This also softens the feel of the ring between the fingers.

We chose a platinum outer edge so that the beautiful and rare white diamonds would be complemented by white metal. We chose a rose gold circle for the inner part of the ring because of the color and also how it feels to the touch. We love the feel of gold, especially rose gold to the skin.

The design of the shank is fresh and modern and allows for stacking with other pretty stackable rings. There are no side stones which allows other rings to rest against metal rather than bang against side stones. We toyed with the idea of using some French cut side stones or old European rounds to further the sparkle but we held true to our quest to create, “the ultimate stacking ring”.

We realize this sketch and photo of the wax mold are not “pretty” — we also know that good things come to those who wait. Still, we really, really, hope it’s ready soon!

It will be available on a custom order basis.


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