9th Feb 2015

Valentine’s Day is for Daughters, too


Ever wondered if Valentine’s Day is one of those trumped up holidays?
If you are in a great relationship, there are already big, “little moments” of appreciation happening often enough that Valentines is a nice acknowledgement but not necessary. That being said, a thoughtful card is always a good idea.

For newer relationships, it means a lot to have one’s stirrings of amour validated. A card and a single rose can be very romantic. And of course, it’s wonderful to receive a piece of jewelry for Valentine’s.

What isn’t addressed so much is the gesture of a Valentine gift for daughters. Even the most ardent feminist will agree (hopefully) that sharing the sentiment of love for a child is special, particularly when they are young and still looking forward to holidays.

Daughters will always treasure that special locket or bracelet from mom or dad, especially if it comes before the first boyfriend arrives on the scene. Odds are these gifts will be in their jewelry box for a lifetime.

Here are a few Valentines gift suggestions for that special daughter in your life, however old she may be.

Vintage Silver Horseshoe Bracelet

Vintage Floral Heart Padlock Sweetheart Bracelet

Unique Antique Crystal Spike Drops

Vintage Rock Crystal, Silver Heart Necklace

Diamond and Ruby Ring

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