8th Feb 2014

Valentines Day – Quirky Secrets For the Department of L-O-V-E


Valentines Day. For some it’s a quick whisk of flowers and a kiss. For others it’s an important day to celebrate that special someone that you love. Hint to men: women may say they don’t want or need anything BUT hey, you’re not going to fall for that, right?

And for women without a valentine, there is always the gift to self option which ain’t such a bad thing. As Julia Roberts quips in the final denouement of Eat, Pray, Love …” I don’t need to love you to love myself!”

Here are some of our favorite facts about Valentines, some surprising, and some which may be down right helpful in the L-O-V-E department.

1. The original valentine was a love note sent from prison. Ah, what is love without sacrifice, right?

Around 270 A.D. during the reign of Claudius under the Roman Empire, Claudius did not want his soldiers distracted by romantic matters. Bishop Valentine went against his wishes and conducted secret wedding ceremonies. For this Valentine was jailed and on February 14 he was executed. He managed to send a note to the jailer’s daughter and signed it from “your Valentine.” Was he actually executed? Of course.

2. Back to the present day… there is a “love bra” under development. It senses a quickened heart beat and can only be unfastened when the heart reaches a certain rate. (Hey, wait a minute is this a new kind of chastity garment for teens?)

True Love Tester

True Love Tester

3. Scientifically speaking, did you know that the heart really does emote with a unique energy field when a person feels good romantically? Body scans have proven that different energy fields are evident based on emotions. Romance really is good for the heart.

4. The Amethyst gemstone, which ranges in color from deep purple to light purple to mauve, is the birth stone for February. Historically, carved amethyst cups were used in ancient Greece and Rome to ward off drunkenness.

Amethyst is also believed to open powers of intuition and psychic abilities. Intution on Valentines day can only be a good thing!

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5. Chocolate is known to be an aphrodisiac for love because it contains phenylethamine which stimulates a sense of excitement and well being. The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study that showed that women who ate just one piece of chocolate a day had a more active sex life than those who didn’t!

Hmmmm…no wonder so many boxes of chocolate are sold for Valentine’s Day. Is there an assortment of 365 chocolates?


6. There are other foods purported to increase libido as well. They are: watermelon, avocados, chilies (they physically increase the heart rate which releases endorphins), lemons (considered a stress buster/stress inhibits romance), honey, arugula and oysters. This no doubt, could guide menu choices for Valentines dinner.

Well then, for the optimal Valentines event opt for: Lemon honey tea, an arugula salad with oysters and avocados, a 365 day box of chocolates, a beautiful jewelry gift that is romantic (no luggage or kitchen items!) and a Valentine card with a personalized message of love.

Oh, and take a brisk walk somewhere between dinner and desert to get the heart rate going even more! This year’s favorite pop song at the Grammy’s reflects the pulse culturally right now, so, “Get Lucky” for Valentine’s Day. In fact, download the song while you shop online – the song just makes you feel happy – and Valentines is about being happy and in love and in the mood.

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We’re offering 20% off all heart items in our shop in honor of love. Use promo code LOVE14 now through 2/13/14

Xoxo from the gang at Rock of Eden

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