10th Oct 2013

The Zen of Beautiful Jewelry from a Design Perspective

In Zen Buddhist painting, the Enso symbol, drawn in one stroke, is considered to be a spiritual practice or, state of mind, in the moment. Designing jewelry cannot be done in one stroke but it is a transfixing experience during the sketching and re-sketching process.

To design jewelry is to be in the moment. Usually the inspiration comes from a beautiful stone or even a shape such as a circle, a tear drop, a pyramid. As far as Rock of Eden designs, our desire is always to do something original with minimalism to achieve the elegance of “simple sophistication”.


The sketch below shows a design we’re working on for a bracelet with the idea of using only the green tourmalines from each end of the line set above. We’ll use the pinks for something else.sketch

Originally the thought was to use the green stones on a dark gray rhodium cuff with an asymmetrical placement of the stones so that the eye is drawn to the stones and the gradation of color from dark to light and light to dark.

The cuff felt too heavy. Often the key to great design is in the editing, right? –think about a creative writing piece or even Project Runway where designers often blow it because of “too much stuff”. The power of good editing is that, the more that is taken away, the better the design.

So now, the cuff is re-sketched to be a lighter cuff using negative space but still featuring the asymmetrical stone placement. From a manufacturing standpoint this cuff might be more stable with two bars, lengthwise, instead of one, but the single bar is more minimalistic.

Our jewelry is typically purchased by caretakers who don’t thrash jewelry so in all likelihood the single bar cuff will be the final design.

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