13th Dec 2014

Christmas Stress Busters, Seriously.

Spoiler alert: this has absolutely nothing to do with jewelry and everything to do with enjoying the Holidays far, far away from the commercialism of it all.

Here are a few tips for keeping it real over the holidays:

1. Let your holiday decorating to be sparser than ever before. A twig of Mistletoe achieves that mid-century modern minimalist, Christmas look just fine.

2. Don’t make a homemade desert for the next party you attend – buy homemade Christmas cookies from a local bakery. Or, break out Oreos after party goers are on their third cocktail.


3. Don’t worry about an even count on presents for the kids/nieces/nephews. If they figure it out, deny it and make them count over and over and over and over…


4. Give hints to the people closest to you about what you want. Or tell them you’re hungry and say that cash is fine too.


5. Avoid malls at all costs- shop local! Better yet shop online while you watch your favorite Holiday movie as you sip your eggnog rum drink. Order rum while online if running low.


6. Take an evening walk. Winter sunsets are beautiful. And don’t post it on Instagram. Leave the cell phone at home!


7. Don’t worry about New Year’s. Adopt a new pet instead.


8. Stop reading Christmas tips online. Read a real book and smell the ode de magnificence of the printed page!

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