7th Jun 2013

Good Parking Karma

Parking tickets. Aren’t they something? Last week as I walked out of my local coffee shop, I notice two parking officials examining my car and writing a ticket.


They were writing me a ticket for being parked a little bit over the line into the handicapped parking spot. The line was worn off the ground, but I knew I was cutting it close when I quickly pulled in to the spot. After I examine my poor parking job, I know that 1) I was nowhere near being fully in the handicapped spot, and 2) I was nowhere close to deserving a parking ticket that would cost me more than $400!


I begged and pleaded with the officers, but they were really trying to prove a point and weren’t budging. I realize I’m going to get the ticket, and I tell them I’m going to take some photos for evidence so I can dispute the ticket in court. As I tell them this, I notice one of the women glancing at my necklace – one that reads karma.


A few minutes after I start snapping photos, the quieter of the two officers approaches me and tells me that she isn’t going to give me the ticket afterall, and that she is sorry to have upset me. I thank her and let her know that good karma will come back to her. I can’t help but think that my karma necklace just saved me from a $400+ ticket.

What kind of conversations have your karma necklace started for you?

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