5th Feb 2013

Hearts or Daggers? Pain or Joy? What Emotions Does Valentine’s Day Bring You?

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Whether you plan to spend this Valentine’s Day cuddled up with your cutie, or alone with a box of wine, we’re on your side. Instead of being all hearts and star-crossed-lovers this holiday, we’re thinking more hearts-and-daggers.

We realize not everyone particularly enjoys celebrating a holiday dedicated entirely to couples, especially if you’re ridin’ solo. We certainly aren’t promoting violence to deal with heartbreak, but if you don’t feel like celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, show everyone how you feel by rocking a pair of Vintage Gold Double Bullet Cuff Links or a Contemporary Champagne Diamond Dagger Necklace February 14.

To those of you who are in the loving mood this year, we of course have jewelry choices for you, too. From a Cupid’s Arrow Diamond Ring to a contemporary “I LOVE U” charm bracelet. Shop our Hearts or Daggers Valentine’s Day collection here.

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