11th Jun 2013

Jewelry Report: JCK Vegas Show!


The annual Las Vegas Jewelry convention hosts many floors of contemporary and antique jewelry in different hotels. We barely made a dent despite walking many, many aisles of thin, carpeted concrete floors. At times it felt like we were in Ali Baba’s den of treasures. One guy even popped out from around the corner and said “wanna see some jewelry?” How could we say no?

We discovered a wonderful German chain manufacturer (okay, chains– yawn– but still…) They are so modern and unique we plan to use them to modernize pendants and edge-up certain arm candy pieces a bit. These guys really think things through like how the clasp  is attached at each end of a chain to ensure that the chain itself doesn’t get worn out at the junction point. Plus they had finishes, links, and sizes not available here in the U.S.

Want a little bling?  Say hello to our little friend. Who wears rings like this these days, anyway? Okay, we’re thinking Mariah Carey maybe.


For rings a little less headlight driven, check out our selection of rings at http://www.rockofeden.com/rings.html.

Cool leather wraps more up your alley?  Layers of multi-wrap bracelets are still so on-trend and also fun and easy to mix it up.  Loved the brighter colors as we move into summer. A colorful leather wrap could look good with our spike mesh bracelet.

Antiques and vintage, of course, were not to be missed. One of our favorites was a big, fatty six carat emerald. Okay, it’s actually juuuuust riiiiiiiight. And even harder to find these days, the price was right too.


We got snubbed by one very hot designer when we mentioned that we’re a national online jeweler (that usually means less profit for the traditional brick and mortar types because our prices are better — guess she knew that). We won’t name names – though skinny gold hoops was a great way to get started.

We met some great new designers who we hope to feature and offer at Rock of Eden for the Fall. We’ll keep the names and styles under wraps until then.

Oh and to top it all off we came across a pop up wedding chapel where one can shop, wed and toast. No wedding planner needed!


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