10th Jul 2014

Leisurely Browsing Online – for the pros

IMG_4066Recently we stumbled across a book series titled “Understanding the Roman Empire in thirty seconds” or “Understanding Physics in thirty seconds” and the list goes on and on. Wow. This might have saved my parents a lot of money had I read this series before taking the SAT/ACT. Perhaps college wouldn’t have been necessary at all.

What has this got to do with jewelry you might wonder? Well, while surfing the internet is a passion for many of us, shopping fine jewelry online is a whole different animal. And it takes more than thirty seconds (technically one could shop and checkout in that amount of time but that’s for amateurs).

Like wine, a piece of jewelry discovered online, is to be savored. The zoom feature is almost better than holding it in your hand. You can study every angle and detail as long as desired. The same experience in a jewelry store would require borrowing a jeweler’s loupe; doing so under pressure and the watchful eye of the sales associate.

Ever purchased jewelry on fashion sites? We have. Repairs can take months because it goes through so many steps in the chain to repair it and get it back.

A dedicated online jeweler is truly a hidden resource. Their return policy says it all. Take the time to read it. Is there a live person to talk to that is truly knowledgeable? This is also key and easily determined by thoroughly reading the web site and background info.

Last but not least compare pricing. There can be some good deals to be had through online promotions and special codes offered through their social media such as Instagram, blogs, Facebook or newsletters via email. This kind of retail offer is not that frequent in traditional establishments.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our fine jewelry shoppers, they take the time to shop. They’re a savvy bunch who probably doesn’t need thirty second primers of the Roman Empire.

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