29th Aug 2013

No Reservations

We grabbed a few shots in the parking garage in our recent Urban Tribal photo shoot which led to some random thoughts.

They are in a Q&A,  question and answer format but some times the answer is still a question (sorry for that).

We should probably tie it to some of our RockofEden jewelry pieces some how, but we didn’t.



Q: Imagine never having to fight for a parking spot.

A: Is it possible? I had to fight for a spot in Moorea on my last get-away vacation to Tahiti.

Q: What if human beings could regenerate instead of degenerate (then yoga would be so easy)?

A: Maybe genetic science will get us there. Maybe it’ll happen faster if they collaborate with sci-fi writers.

Q: What if our culture was such that women wore no make-up?

A: I think we’d still wear jewelry, maybe even more of it. Armor is armor.

Q: What would John Lennon be doing if he were still alive?

A: Hopefully he’d still be writing songs and would NOT be an American Idol judge.

Q:  What if we could recall all childhood memories at will?

A: Maybe it would reduce anxiety obsessions and anti-depressant medications. It would be like watching a football replay over and over…at least the facts would be right in front of you to fight about with your siblings.

Q: What would it be like if each of us could recall our individual moment of conception?

A: Actually, never mind. It would be like listening in on your parents having sex without knowing what sex is. Ewwwww.

Q: What if there was a frozen yogurt that tasted like a watermelon jolly rancher?

A: My kids came up with that one. I like the idea.

Q: What if we could freeze moments in time and re-live them?

Q: This one is mine of course. I want to hold onto my kids forever, kiss their clammy little necks all over, without reservation. Alas, even parents have to exit.


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