28th May 2013

So, we met this guy


Paddi and I have experienced quite a few laughs by way of some interesting (okay, odd) folks working in and out of the bowels of the hotel gem shows in Tuscon, dealers of vintage and antique jewelry from all over the world, machine shops in LA, traditional brick and mortar jewelers and independent reps, who sort of appear out of nowhere, selling loose stones.

We’ve decided to share some of the characters and their anecdotal stories along the way. So, we met a guy from South Africa who used to be a bench jeweler. A bench jeweler does repairs and machine work with those funny green visors with magnifiers on them.

This guy, we’ll call him Arnie, developed a line of….ready for this …pole dancer jewelry! That’s right pole dancer jewelry. While we didn’t see it, he assured us it was tasteful. He was super excited about it and we couldn’t help but wonder where this conversation was going: Do you girls like to dance? Either of you ever tried…(heh-heh-heh)…the pole? Yikes.

But, he didn’t go there. Whew! He marketed his jewelry line to the top pole gym owners in the country though. He said lots of strippers own these clubs and attend the classes. And here we thought these classes were captivating mainstream American girls and housewives wanting to find their inner-goddess.

Arnie also had some EBay tips for selling and buying. The most important tip was start at 99 cents. Seriously? Isn’t that the old bait and switch? Seriously.

Well, we don’t offer pole dancer jewelry but we do think jewelry can be sexy in a more subtle, empowering kind of way. Some of our favorite Rock of Eden pieces for capturing the inner goddess are: black diamonds, infinity stacking rings, any of our snake jewelry, and the black infinity double shank ring.



To view this vintage gold snake choker necklace, click here.


To view the infinity stacking rings, click here.

double shank ring

To view the black double shank ring, click here.

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