11th Sep 2013

Who knew? Jewelry made me a rock star for a day.

So we had our first celebrity sale (yes, I am sworn to secphotorecy except for the fam) and of course I had to let my girls know because they happen to love this pop star and her music. I try to focus on design, craftsmanship, original design and for me it’s nice to know that appealed to someone who could have chosen, well, just about anyone else.

I try to keep my kids from getting too infatuated with the “celebrity thing” so I was kind of shocked by their reaction when I got home from work yesterday. They were screaming, giving me high-fives and jumping up and down as if propelled by helium. Wow! Have to admit it felt pretty good.


Maybe I should have been a rock star. Oh wait, I can’t sing. I was last chair in choir (a mandatory class) for most of my senior year.

Here’s my go-to jewelry piece that makes me feel like a rock star in a jiffy.


I always keep my karma necklace close by too.


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