10th Jan 2015

2015 Jewelry Buying Tips for Deals


2015 is here and sales galore along with it. What about jewelry? Ever wonder why it doesn’t hit bargain basement prices?

Costume and fashion jewelry will meet their red tag fate but fine jewelry not so much. Fine jewelry is made of real gold or silver and so will always have, at the very least, the scrap value price of that metal. In other words it can be salvaged and recycled into something wondrously new so no one is going to “give it away”.

If you are a hunter for jewelry deals in 2015 consider the following:

1. Buy antique garnet jewelry. Garnets are sometimes called the “poor man’s ruby” because the deep Marsala red of garnets is so pretty. With Marsala being the official Pantone color of 2015 a garnet ring, necklace or accessory will add a great bold pop of this mighty crimson color to your wardrobe.


2. Now is the time to get that big statement necklace on sale. Buy two even. The nice thing about costume jewelry is that it is a cheap date so it’s okay to be fickle.

3. According to auction houses the sales were, “meh”, in December. If you really want to scour for some deals find out what didn’t sell (it’s posted under auction results by auction house) and make an offer. Just call the jewelry department. Offer 10%-15% less than the reserve to be credible.

4. Now is a good time to buy colored diamonds. The market has softened a bit. Avoid radiant cuts. Please call if you would like assistance procuring a worthy stone at a fair price. We do not recommend going solo when buying a colored stone stone.


5. Buy a nice gold piece now. Check the market price of gold per ounce for the day. Of course that won’t be your price as there is labor and design to factor in but gold is down from record highs as previously reported. Rock of Eden prices reflect pricing when gold was NOT at its height so our gold offerings continue to be a great value.


These are our top five “insider” tips. Go. Seek. Prosper. Enjoy!

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