8th May 2014

Alternative whites for those who love big “rocks”

Are there alternatives to diamonds?

White topaz and white sapphires are beautiful colorless stones that can be a great substitute for what was once considered a “girl’s best friend”. Not all white stones need to be diamonds, especially if collecting jewelry is a passion.

Like anything else, there are tradeoffs but it could still be worth it. This white topaz, 22 karat gold and rhodium mesh bracelet by Rock of Eden recently sold. The client asked about perhaps changing the white topaz stones to diamonds. Our response: why? The diamonds would be smaller and it would be significantly more expensive. As it stands now it is a beautiful, fine piece of jewelry that can be worn day or night, worry- free.


Topaz, when colorless, is considered to be “white”. It is less expensive than white sapphires because there is more topaz available. Sapphires are often heat treated because they tend to have more imperfections and a slight yellow tinge to the color. White sapphires are more expensive than white topaz because they are more rare, but both stones are less per carat than diamonds.

White topaz is a bit more brittle and has a slightly lower hardness rating as compared to white sapphires. But it’s not a huge difference as long as one doesn’t go rock climbing!

White sapphires or white topaz may be worth considering especially if size is important. These gemstones are less per carat than diamonds but of course like diamonds, cost more per carat as the size of the stone increases. These stones are well suited for earrings or necklaces especially and can add that clean, white sparkle that we all know and love.

We also love the fact that either stone is naturally formed from the earth versus lab created, synthetic alternatives. Cubic zirconium is man-made or synthetic and it often has brilliance similar to a diamond but it’s synthetic.

We’re purists here at Rock of Eden. We’ll stick with true, earthly delights in our stones even if they aren’t always diamonds. Even connoisseurs know that there are collectible stones in every category. Below are pieces (not ours) which demonstrate how these alternative stones mount up in jewelry.


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