3rd Dec 2013

Black Friday Online Sales Exceeded Foot traffic for the first time this year


For the first time ever, it was reported that online sales exceeded retail sales. People just wanted to stay home. Foot traffic was down 11% according to ShopperTrak. Online sales broke new records at over a billion in total sales for all categories of shopping.

The New Yorker (11/28/13) reported that retailers have learned to pre-engineer sales prices so that the sale price is the actual price they hope to get rather than a true savings for the customer from the regular price. Ick.

We are proud to say we did nothing of the kind. For Rock of Eden, our special offers were truly deals. One customer in particular, from West Virginia, purchased a bracelet one of our staff members had planned to give her mother if it didn’t sell. No joke.

the one that got away

At Rock of Eden, we take pride in fairly priced, beautiful jewelry that is rare and well made. There is a lot of inexpensive luxury jewelry out there that just isn’t pretty. We’ll leave it at that. Shop around. You’ll see.

A few well priced, original items are featured below.

These earrings brighten and lighten the face with dramatic whimsy.

Three gold rolling rings have that allure and subtlety and can be a classic substitute for diamond wedding bands.

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