7th Oct 2013

Buyer’s Remorse from the jewelry auction

So the auction was Monday. Buyer’s remorse set in Thursday. Maybe it’s because we didn’t get to take the piece home with us. At auctions, pick up or shipping is done later.

Auctions are absolutely final, so if we don’t love the piece when we pick it up, we’ll probably skip auctions all together next time. The entire process is a bit cumbersome because the preview is a week before the sale. It’s hard to remember by the time the bidding rolls around just how much you loved it and how clean it was. Or maybe we just need to take better notes for ourselves.

Buying in a lull means you may grab something that wasn’t on your shopping list. And if you don’t buy in a lull you have to pay top dollar. Why pay top dollar for what you want when there are so many beautiful choices?


And of course there’s always the “one that got away”. We loved this Riker dragon bracelet but it was nearly double what it should go for. We don’t pay double for love or lust!

Have to admit it’s pretty nice knowing dealers and friends in the business- the “final sale” is not so iron clad.

That’s why, for both our modern and antique jewelry, we have a no questions asked return policy. Every once in awhile it just may not work out.


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