14th Nov 2013

What consumers want: Great jewelry at wholesale prices with service like that of a retailer!!@#!


That’s crazy talk, right?

Nope, it’s what the retail industry is grousing about. We get it. Nobody likes change. Especially not a traditional jewelry retailer. Those glass mahogany cases are awfully pretty.

“Times they are a-changin'” Wasn’t that a Bob Dylan lyric from over twenty years ago?

There are now several jewelry companies that have started online, like Rock of Eden, to fill a void. Gemvara allows the customer to build their own jewelry with lots of metal, and stone options. BaubleBar fills the costume jewelry market (lots of selection for under $100.00).

Rock of Eden fills the artisanal void with beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces that aren’t replicated over and over. There is no place else that offers the most beautiful original jewelry, old and new, below retail prices. There we said it.

We don’t like to brag about our value because we know the consumer that wants value and luxury also wants what seems to have become less important for some – quality. What is quality in jewelry these days? This is worthy of several paragraphs, but at the very least quality is intrinsic in design, stone selection (natural stones rather than heat treated, unusual antique cuts rather than commodity rounds) and other nuances that don’t always make the mainstream objective of stocking for demand.

Interestingly, GemVara now has a brick and mortar store in Boston called DREAM with all their designs on display in silver in a very consumer friendly environment – think Apple stores with a lot more color. Love it. This is perfect for consumers that don’t want a stuffy, sterile shopping experience for jewelry, have that designer “within” and like the idea of mixing and matching from pre-existing choices. All jewelry stores should be fun happy places, right?

But for some, we just want to luxuriate in the goods. The rare, the original, the awesomely raw and powerful high-end good stuff.

Rock of Eden invests in this kind of original jewelry because we think a single piece is worth writing about. We invest in photography, research, blogs and fashion reports to reach the high end consumer that loves a luxury shopping experience online. Sometimes you want to shop for “the really good stuff” in your jammies.

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