24th Nov 2014

Fun Facts for Jewelry Nerds

6f60697309639958b5219175ca77c0caEver wonder about the jewelry market globally? Or what’s happening with the price of gold these days? It might not affect your day to day purchases but then again a few important facts might come in handy especially when negotiating a major purchase.

For example, the market for larger, 3.0 carat diamonds is reported to be soft right now. This means it’s a great time to buy one, be choosy and negotiate at least twice on it. In prior blogs we have written about the importance of getting a gemological report for stones of this size. Perhaps that could be thrown into the purchase price. (Note: an independent gem report is not the same as an appraisal.)

GIA Sample

GIA Sample

In prior years the jewelry market was bolstered by Asian markets including China and Japan. Not so these days. This means North American, European and Australian purchasers, to name a few, will have more buying clout in the future.

According to Rapaport Weekly Report (an independent jewelry trade association), online purchasing of fine jewelry is expected to grow year over year by 15%. Rock of Eden is the only online company we know of that takes the time to provide in-depth write ups of jewelry offerings, the designers and the story behind the jewelry. Much like a fine wine, collectible jewelry, both modern and antique, is worthy of being passionate about!

The price of gold is projected to stay at the current level of $1,100 per ounce. In the past gold has been as high as $1,700 an ounce which is why some great designs emerged featuring mixed metals. For connoisseurs of gold the current price of gold is good news especially if you have been wanting to add rose gold to your jewelry collection, or perhaps another variation of gold hoops. We love these new, softly sculpted “thorn” hoops by Parulina – just in – to our shop. The antique goal cuff is a showstopper too.

Eighteen Carat, Yellow, White or Pink Gold Hoops

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