3rd Jan 2014

Not your grandma’s jewelry!

Why does one antique seem like it’s “dated” and yet another timeless and classic? Not all antique (or modern pieces for that matter) will hold up over time. Meaning, one can pull it out of the jewelry box even if it’s been retired for awhile and wear it again in a way that feels fresh and modern.

Tips for evaluating a piece of jewelry as to whether or not it isn’t “grandma’s” (aka; too fussy and ornate and out of step with the times):

1. Can you visualize the piece with your wardrobe today?

2. Does the piece have a clean visual design that could pair with a tailored look or a more feminine bohemian look?

3. If the piece is bold and ornate, could it be worn with a tailored pair of pants and a simple silk blouse and look artistic or would it just look out of place?

It’s one of life’s thrills to be able to buy a fine piece of jewelry.
Investing in the kind of pieces that are classic, wearable and will truly last a lifetime can even save thousands of dollars for the estate. Though you may never resell it– the idea of creating a true jewelry collection that can be gifted is always a good idea.

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