22nd Nov 2013

Holiday accessories for cocktail parties and more

To freshen up your Holiday look consider a beaded azure blue vintage clutch or a cognac brown and gold mesh bag. Accessories like this pack a lot of punch for their demure size.

Blue Beaded, Vintage Clutch

Blue Beaded, Vintage Clutch


Striking Brown & Gold Enamel Vintage Purse

These hand held jewels of wonder are also fantastic Christmas gifts. — View the entire collection

Pieces like these that are immaculate, well priced and beautiful are lasting and memorable gifts.

And if you want to go a little further on the wow factor scale, consider a beautiful right hand ring tucked inside the purse. We love this “nymphs blowing bubbles” in the form of white sapphires (Russian white sapphires to be exact) as a statement of friendship, love and playfulness.

Antique French, Nymph Sapphire Engagement Ring

Antique French, Nymph Sapphire Engagement Ring

This is a truly artistic and original gold ring that is not available anywhere else but at Rock of Eden fine jewelry.

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