3rd Dec 2014

Holiday Sales Report and Special Pricing Online


The results are in. Holiday sales in retails stores were down about eleven percent on Black Friday while online sales were up 16%. It seems that we are all becoming veteran online shoppers from our arm chair these days. If you’re willing to hunt and peck a bit, online deals for certain purchases can be pretty good.

So what about jewelry buying online? Tried it yet? One popular web site called First Dibs, has been selling beautiful, very high end, mostly antique jewelry online for nearly a decade. In speaking with some of our dealer friends, we learned that some sites (we won’t name names) charge a very high premium for to list their jewelry and they also take a commission on every piece sold. This means a higher price tag, no matter how well you negotiate. End of story.

If price is not an issue, then hunting for a great jewelry web site that provides beautiful choices and a good value may not be for you. However, we’ve noticed that even the most discerning customers want to know that they have gotten a fair deal. In fact, just like a jewelry store, a jewelry e-tailer becomes a trusted source for purchasing.

Naturally, we hope Rock of Eden becomes one of your trusted, jewelry e-tailer finds. We pride ourselves on offering rare and beautiful jewelry that is well priced and not available in a million other places.

Here are a few tips for finding jewelry stores online. Search queries might include: designer jewelry, antique jewelry, original fine jewelry, eighteen carat gold jewelry, fine, modern jewelry or special pricing for antique jewelry, or special pricing, designer jewelry.

Once you’ve found a couple of possibilities view the photos and product descriptions. Do they provide detail and commentary worthy of your purchase? Or does it feel like a bare bones shopping cart? Whether a beginning or experienced collector, it’s always good to learn more about what you’re buying. A great online jewelry e-tailer will help provide information about the jewelry, the designer or story behind the piece and historical references where appropriate. In some ways it is easier to do this online; when you find the right jewelry source because you can double click as much as you want and click off when you’ve had enough!

Once you’ve found a few sources:

1. Always look at the return policy. Is it reasonable and does it give you enough time to touch and feel the piece?

2. Do the photos accurately reflect the color and proportions of the jewelry item?

3. Is the web site dynamic or does it feel stagnant? Check FB and instagram posts to get an even better feel for the company.

Online shoppers shop all year round but there is usually a little pricing incentive offered over the holidays. Watch for these. They can be a great way to get a better deal on pieces that will never go “on sale”. For example, our holiday pricing is below. Most of all though, enjoy the experience. For jewelry shopping at least, it should feel fun, luxurious and informative – that’s the best reason of all to keep going back!

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