13th May 2014

Inside tips on diamonds

Often we get questions about diamonds and color. Below please note the difference between a diamond of H color and one of I color.


The I color stone will always look slightly yellow which is not desirable for a white diamond.

What about an inclusion of SI 1 – visible to the naked eye? Should it be immediately rejected? The answer is usually but not always. An inclusion that is off to the side and possibly under a prong mounting would be perfectly fine not to mention a better price.

Last but not least: cut. Go for symmetry and an excellent rating. It adds that extra “je ne sais quoi” that makes the stone look super clean and mirror like. Cut is often underestimated in importance.

There are many factors beyond size that lead to the final stone purchase. Know the parameters you are willing to trade off on before the final yeah or nay!

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