17th Dec 2014

Just In: Jewelry by Mrs. T.

As promised we have added another jewelry designer to Rock of Eden’s offering of beautiful and original jewelry choices.

Mrs. T designs feature eighteen carat gold with white, and chocolate brown diamonds, often bezel set and arranged in organic forms for a chic look.


The pieces pictured above are great basic every day pieces that can be a classic accessory for years to come. Staple pieces like these are a great way to get familiar with a brand of jewelry. We recommend following designer collections to see how they evolve and change. This is one of the advantages of modern jewelry. It can be viewed in the context of the designer’s creative choices for a collection or even several collections over time.

While not necessarily in the same collection we also chose this double jointed labrynth ring by Mrs. T. It is made of eighteen carat white gold and white diamonds. Stacking rings on all parts of the fingers are a beautiful, culturally global look, but at times, single rings on the upper finger joints can slide off. This diamond ring, with the connector chain, is completely snug and comfortable.

We’ve already shared Mrs. T’s love of sunglasses and the beach in our sneak peek blog. When asked what she would design if she had unlimited access to materials Mrs. T. replied “diamond stilettos!” Love that.

MrsT headshot


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