22nd Oct 2013

Did you know? Pearls are gemstones too


We often think of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds as gemstones but a fine pearl is also considered to be a gemstone.

Pearls that are highly iridescent with zero blemishes are considered to be the most beautiful and desirable. The ultimate pearl: a high luster, natural pearl. These are very rare. At Rock of Eden we love natural, raw and organic designs and materials whether modern or ancient.

Most pearls are farmed, or cultivated, for use in jewelry from oysters or mussels with a nucleus, such as a grain of sand. This irritant activates the creation of layers of nacre that create that luster and hardness around it. These pearls, especially those that are round and highly lustrous are sought after.

A truly natural pearl that is beautiful is a connoiseur’s’ delight. It is considered truly wild or raw and is very rare.

A natural pearl can be determined by an x-ray. The x-ray would reveal no inner nucleus. Rock of Eden opted to purchase the natural pearl pictured above in lieu of a diamond snake bracelet- it’s that pretty.

It is a 1920’s ring (GIA certificate as natural) and it is an important large 15.5 mm white pearl with excellent iridescent luster. In a word: dreamy. This is a beautiful piece for a collector or lover of fine, rare pearls.

Price available upon request.

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