7th Jan 2014

Metals in Jewelry: trends report


Gold, platinum and silver are the most common metals used in jewelry design. Silver has seen increasing growth in popularity because the price of gold has been rising. Lately, gold has declined a bit and leveled out. On a cost per ounce basis silver is far less expensive than gold.

Platinum and silver are rising as precious metal commodities. Platinum is often used in wedding band jewelry because it is more durable than white gold. Platinum is typically more expensive than gold but not too long ago gold and platinum were nearly at parity.

Its interesting to note that gold plated silver in jewelry has become more popular and acceptable and it is now seen in some very high end jewelry designs. Gold plating will wear off over time and the color is a different hue than solid gold.

As the dollar declines, gold rises. According to most economic trend reports for 2014, the economy is expected to keep improving so we are expecting gold to hold steady as well.

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