9th Dec 2014

Purchasing and Collecting Jewelry. What suits the moment?

It’s always good to take stock of what’s in the jewelry box or costume drawer and re-prioritize.

As one grows in their jewelry buying cycle, it’s important to take stock of what you have in order to build an interesting collection and avoid buying the same thing over and over again. What’s in your jewelry box, sooner or later, becomes a collection. Think of jewelry purchases as part of a collection for the next purchase.

There are different types of jewelry purchases (or gifts) made all year round, each of which has a different purpose. Here are a few categories of buying and collecting to consider the next time you are shopping for yourself or someone else.

1. Costume or statement pieces for of the moment trends. These pieces usually reflect color trends and fashion trends of the season. They can be purchased at the fashion brand level such as Chanel or Lanvin, or in some fun inexpensive ways such as the Junior department of Nordstrom’s or independent fashion boutiques.

2. Silver or rhodium plated silver jewelry for a Coastal-casual style, jeans and tee look. This type of jewelry is great for a gift. It’s also easy to create a layered jewelry look which never goes out of style. The layers can even include some chunky silver pieces or skinny gold pieces. Adding the gold dresses it up. Adding diamonds, even more.

South Sea, Black Pearl, Silver Necklace

South Sea, Black Pearl, Silver Necklace

18 Carat Gold Diamond Labyrinth Ring

3. Low carat gold for beginning collectors of antique jewelry. Some antique jewelry was made in nine carat or ten carat gold with semi-precious (amethyst, tourmaline, quartz and more) stones and it is stunning in design.

Vintage, Gold Retro, Bubble Bracelet

Rose Gold, Amethyst Filigree Antique Bracelet

4. High carat gold and gemstone pieces for collectors. European jewelry and designer jewelry is often made in eighteen carat gold which is a higher concentration of pure gold.

We love eighteen carat yellow gold and rose gold because it has a slightly deeper color and hue that is in indeed richer looking. That being said, the American standard is often fourteen carat gold, which is also very pretty especially when it is a matte finish (in our opinion).

If your jewelry box contains mostly silver pieces it may be time to consider gold.

If it is mostly antiques, try adding an edgy designer piece to the mix.

Is your collection mostly costume jewelry? It might be time to retire some of it and splurge on something more collectible. When giving gifts, a good rule of thumb is to consider giving jewelry in the form of gold or silver because it is more collectible.

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