18th Dec 2013

Rejected: most jewelry does not make the Rock of Eden cut

Case Study: A six carat blue sapphire stone ring. Recently a dealer presented a ring that was an excellent value. It was a large sapphire stone ring in a simple modern setting. It was very nice. Tempting. Pretty and well priced so we could pass on the value to our customer. BUT in the final analysis we rejected it.

It had a small natural crystal inclusion visible to the eye, which actually was a good thing because it suggested that the stone is natural not heat treated. We like the raw, organic look of stones which include some imperfections. So this did not detract in our opinion.

The stone was very “spready”, meaning spread-out which yields a bigger look which we like. This stone had exactly that, except it was too shallow and lost too much color saturation, so we rejected it. Nice stone, great value but not right for what a colored stone needs to have.

Every now and then we take some of our key pieces to auction houses or independent appraisers to ensure our buys are authentic and appropriately priced. Plus, we learn something new every time.

We scrutinize the goods in many ways to make sure a piece makes the cut for all of Rock of Eden’s standards. There are many rejections along the way, even some tough ones like that described above.


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