21st Feb 2014

Silver Jewelry Never Disappoints

Lets face it, gold can be expensive. The price of silver has risen too, but still it’s a terrific value relatively speaking. A few stylish pieces of silver jewelry are a wardrobe staple these days. Silver works for day time casual and can be glammed up for night time with some added layers or a touch of black diamond sparkle somewhere in the mix.

Silver jewelry is also great for traveling. It’s a metal that is stress free because you don’t have to put it in the hotel safe. Of course you might want to but it’s not a have to.

One great silver link cuff or a couple of hip, link bracelets on the chunkier side, instantly adds some attitude to the staple of black pieces we all go to when we want a clean and lean look without having to think about it.

Silver in many ways is the new gold. Its fun and easy to buy and experiment with. Silver is the perfect base for the mixed metal vibe too. It’s a little trickier to pull off but when it works it’s luxurious and raw and just plain cool.


Rutillated White Quartz, Rose Gold Spike Earrings

The rose gold, white sapphire and silver spike earrings pictured above are a great example of a subtle use of mixed metals.

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