19th Mar 2014

Spring Cleaning (jewelry that is!)

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Believe it or not jewelry needs a bit of tidying up once in a while right along with those other clutter busting projects on the to do list for Spring. A jewelry project is usually a whole lot more fun. Not only are memories associated with the pieces but the whole “visualization thing” of what works with the latest fashion trends begins here too.

Here are a few tips for keeping jewelry maintenance simple and easy:

1. Dip and clean silver jewelry pieces with a soft toothbrush and jewelry cleaner. Include the backs of earrings especially. Liquids work best for earring backs and paste is better for smooth, easy to get to surfaces.

2. If the jewelry item hasn’t been worn in a while or feels dated (most likely to apply to costume jewelry), put it in a baggy and save for a great donation such as Working Wardrobe, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help disadvantaged women who are trying to get a career going. Amy Roseveare has written several articles on organizing jewelry.

3. Yellow gold is back. It can be dipped in jewelry cleaner or wiped with a soft cloth. Avoid finger prints being left behind – they give gold jewelry a dirty, dull look.

4. For jewelry pieces with stones, clean them with either jewelry cleaner and a soft brush or toothpaste and warm water and a soft brush. Do NOT use cleaners on pearls however.

5. At least once a year, take those fine jewelry pieces with gemstones to a jeweler and have them checked to make sure the stones are not loose in their settings. This is not expensive and could save thousands of dollars not to mention a whole lot of anxiety. Wedding rings in particular need this without fail.

6. While getting your stones checked ask the jeweler to power clean one or two pieces. This is a great thing to do right before a major social event because the sparkle is at its best right after a professional cleaning. Usually they will offer but if not, ask!

Jewelry is an asset and a privilege so treat it with the care and respect it deserves. Invest in a small safe at home or at the bank for safekeeping. Also consider not wearing items with stones or intricate metal work while working out at the gym or doing any other sport that might impact your hands. Like a beautiful painting, or o’bject, the beauty and condition of a fine piece of jewelry can last many, many years with proper care and attention.

Spring cleaning for jewelry? Absolutely worth it!

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