12th Dec 2013

Staff Picks for Holiday Gifting


Seeing beautiful jewelry come and go is a dream job, right? Well, yes, except you get attached to things. We develop favorites. The great thing about working with one of a kind jewelry is that you want to get to know it because you know you may never see a piece quite like this again.

We decided to pick a few gifts for our friends and relatives using a budget of $200.00, $500.00 and $1,000 plus. Here are our staff picks and why.

For our resident technology expert, recently married to a woman who works in fashion:

Nine Gold Stacking Infinity rings for my wife because I think she’ll enjoy wearing them with her knuckle rings. The mixture of metals will complement her knuckle ring.

Nine Gold Stacking Infinity Rings

Vintage Silver Horseshoe bracelet is definitely something my wife will like as well. She loves all things vintage, the personalities they offer and the stories hidden away.

Vintage Silver Horseshoe Bracelet

Antique Gold, Diamond Cross necklace for my mom because when she first came to the U.S., she had lost one of her favorite cross necklace she received from her mom and the sparkle of the diamonds paired with the patina of the gold makes it perfect for her.

Antique Gold, Diamond Cross Necklace

For our office manager, married six years with an entrepreneurial mom and an artsy aunt:

Vintage dragonfly brooch for my aunt because she loves unique pieces and the detail work is lovely. The dragonfly symbolism of change, adaptability and joy will really appeal to her as she contemplates the changes she wants to make.

Vintage Silver Dragonfly Brooch

Carnelian and seed pearl rose gold ring for my mom because the color and elegance of this ring makes any outfit sparkle, and orange is her favorite accent color. My mom is always on the go and it’s an easy outfit finisher with its bright bold color. Plus we’re the same ring size and live nearby…

Carnelian and Seed Pearl Rose Gold Ring

Pearl and diamond starburst necklace – It’s just so pretty and dynamic! The crescent details on the chain help set this necklace apart from other pendants. The necklace goes perfectly on my mom’s trademark black silk blouse. Perfect for a night out.

Pearl and Diamond Starburst Necklace

Rock of Eden Creative Director, Designer and curator with a mom from the South, lots of fashionista friends:

Last time I picked something out for my mom it sold. So I’m not telling! But I think a fabulous friend gift is the spike necklace.

Silver and Black Rhodium Spike Necklace

Only seven online shopping days left, maybe ten, but no guarantees after the 18th! Whoever you might be shopping for enjoy it — it’s a great way to really savor the relationship and the person you are thinking of.

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