7th Apr 2014

Update on GIA Certificates – Good to Know for Important Pieces

In several of our blogs we have encouraged our fans to get either a GIA or AGL certificate because it provides meaningful information such as stone origin and heat treatment status. GIA is typically recommended for diamonds and AGL for colored stones.

A certificate not only confirms the origin of a particular stone but it can indicate whether or not the stone is enhanced or heat treated all of which affect the value of the stone. A certificate also helps in the event of resale. Typically a stone should be re-certed at least every ten years according to our auction house expert contacts.

It costs significantly more to buy a piece that is already certed so we have recommended getting a certificate for stones of three carats or more. If it is an antique piece it is less likely to be certed because those of us who love these pieces try not to pull the stones out and put them back– it could affect the original design, which for most antique pieces is nearly impossible to restore.

The demand for certs has risen. The turnaround time used to be five to ten days but lately we can expect to wait 45-55 days (Rapaport TradeWire 2/17/14).

A sample GIA cert looks like this. See below.

GIA Sample

GIA Sample

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