2nd Jul 2014

What Jewelry Says About Us

We’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating. Jewelry is our modern day equivalent of talismans – personal objects worn to protect and empower. True, they may not be literally tied to the notion of earth or animal spirits as our ancestors did, but jewelry that we wear day to day is a form of armor.

Take a look at the pieces you wear daily. Are they dainty and layered? Or bold and chunky? One suggests nuance and mystery and the other bold and fabulous fierceness. Do you like to mix it up and change it frequently? If so, you probably get bored easily or are drawn to the art of mixing as an act of creation (like we are at Rock of Eden).

Have you ever skipped one of your go-to pieces and then felt “naked” the rest of the day? That’s the talisman effect. That particular piece of jewelry is a talisman. What does it mean?

The exact properties of a talisman may not be known to you but the power of it is there from the moment you set your eyes on it. The power of that piece sometimes is most keenly felt when not worn.

Can a talisman change over time? Absolutely. Just as our lifestyle and emotional needs change so can our sense of affinity for a particular jewelry item, aka, totem. Will it come back again? That is a personal question we couldn’t possibly begin to answer but it all has significance on some level or we wouldn’t take the time to enjoy it in the first place.


We love these stacking infinity rings because the circle of gold, of course, never ends. The book and movie breakout, The Fault with Our Stars, makes a moving tribute in the final act about different infinities in our lifetime which may sound a bit “woo-woo” in this context but in reality it was eloquent and relevant to the storyline and life experiences in general in our opinion. These thin gold bands of white, yellow and rose gold are reminiscent of layers of necklaces worn by the Masai women of Africa.

Check out our Pinterest board for more fashion and jewelry influences that remind us that we may be more connected to ancestral forms of jewelry adornment and purpose than we realize.

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