21st Mar 2014

Luxury Gives Back

Auctions can be humbling. There are so many great causes out there that it’s hard to donate to all of them. When approached by St. Margaret’s Episcopal School of San Juan to donate to their science and technology program we had to say, “yes!” Our kids go to school there and there are countless moms working nearly full time to make this annual event happen.

So what if today’s uber programmers are firing nerf ball guns across cubicles while waiting for the next big app idea. Technology is where it’s at right? Stock options, fully stocked gourmet kitchens and an indoor basketball court…really cool stuff!

A friend once told us to donate an item that is painful that you hate to part with. Well, easier said than done but…we followed this advice. After all we wanted something that would grab attention and sell.

This white gold and silver mesh bracelet with over ten carats of natural pink tourmalines along with a spike tourmaline necklace sold at the auction at the prices listed on Rock of Eden’s web site.


For more information about pink tourmaline click here.

Our jewelry was recognized for its beauty and value. Let’s face it. It would have been embarrassing if it didn’t sell. (Seriously!) Most of all, as corny as it may seem, we feel great about donating a nice chunk of change to the future nerds of America.

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